Journal of Marketing & Social Research (ISSN xxxx-xxxx)

Editor in Chief:

Dr. David Bednall

Associate Editor:

Dr. Atiq ur Rehman

Managing Editor:

Usman Ehsan

Editorial objective

The Journal of Marketing & Social Research is bi-annual double blind, peer-reviewed refereed journal published by Asian Society of Management and Marketing Research (ASMMR) since May 2015. It was formerly published by Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) as Market and Social Research.

In our double blind peer review process; we endeavor to develop the academic research and writing skills of scholars. The contribution can take the form of original research papers, viewpoint, conceptual papers, literature review, and book review. Each submission goes through double-blind review process, in accordance with the international standards of COPE which can be accessed at

The purpose of Journal of Marketing & Social Research is to share research among the members of scientific community that contributes significantly to the theory and practice of management. The research published by Journal of Marketing & Social Research is envisioned to contribute on theory development as well as bringing a change in the management practices of organizations. Articles should have a mix of theoretical and practical contributions; so pure academic papers should have practical/managerial implications. Papers should be of some relevance to at least a segment of the population of practicing market or social researchers.

Editorial criteria

Journal of Marketing & Social Research is toned up to follow high standards in publishing research which instills theory development and improves management practice. Journal of Marketing & Social Research will be an avenue of research that:

  • Situates problem area that pertains to academic research and have practical implications
  • Advocates methodological standards i.e. qualitative as well as quantitative interest both to academics and industry practitioners
  • Identifies and addresses the problems faced by organizations
  • Explore trends in the practice of market and social research and discuss future


Journal of Marketing & Social Research is also receptive in principle to the submission of replication studies, where they are able to demonstrate a clear and substantive contribution to existing knowledge of business research. Journal of Marketing & Social Research will accept articles not only papers relating to the development of existing theories but also the development of new ones as they fill the rigor criteria detailed above. Journal of Marketing & Social Research will not accept any paper with a pure focus on one organization or promoting one company; main focus should be academic research with practical applications.


The aim of Journal of Marketing & Social Research was to provide quality, refereed (all papers were double blind refereed) research articles which broadly covers following areas but not limited to:

  • Brand Management
  • Ethics
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing
  • Business Ethics
  • Service Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • E-Marketing
  • Emerging Markets
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing
  • Trends in Education Marketing
  • Marketing Research Methods
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Advertising
  • Any other area related to marketing or social research





Journal of Marketing & Social Research overall targets the following audience:

  • Research scholars and academicians (faculty) with a focus in research
  • Managers from both marketing and management field
  • Students of business schools at graduate and post graduate level


Author’s Guidelines

All papers for submission should be forwarded at addressed to:

Usman Ehsan
Managing Editor, Journal of Marketing & Social Research
Lecturer | Marketing School of Business and Economics
University of Management and Technology (Sialkot, Pakistan)

Important Points:

1. Files to be submitted All submissions must include following files at the time of submission:

  • Title Page
  • Main Article File


2. Referencing Style Authors are required to supply their articles electronically in Microsoft Word format, doubled spaced with article references in Harvard referencing style.

3. Title Page Title page should contain the following information:

  • Article Title
  • Authors (Designations, Affiliations, Contact Details)
  • Abstract
  • Keywords (maximum 6)
  • Acknowledgements (optional)
  • Copyrights (copyright information for those contents authors don’t have copyrights)


4. Length All submissions must follow their limits as per their type:

Research Article: Under 6,500 words of text, excluding figures, tables, and references. Appendices are not encouraged.

Research Notes: Under 4,000 words of text, excluding figures, tables, and references. Appendices are not encouraged.

Case studies: Under 4,000 words of text, excluding figures, tables, references and appendices.

Appendices may be included if they contain reports of studies or other data used to support the case.


Journal of Marketing & Social Research can be accessed from ASMMR official website. All editions of Journal of Marketing & Social Research are referenced by EBSCO-HOST. Authors while submitting articles for publication should agree to being referenced in this way.


ASMMR will make all possible efforts to ensure the originality of all the information (the “Content”) published in the Journal of Marketing & Social Research. However ASMMR, its team, members and reviewers make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose of the Content and disclaim all such representations and warranties whether express or implied to the maximum extent permitted by law. Responsibility for the contents of a paper rests upon the authors and not upon the editors, reviewers or the publisher. Furthermore, if any article will be found plagiarized, even after publication, it will be discarded from the issue and author(s) will be banned for lifetime to publish in Journal of Marketing & Social Research. Any views expressed in this publication are the views of the authors only and are not related to ASMMR in any capacity.

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